Fly Out Destinations

Fly Out Destinations

Fun day trips

2021 Fly Outs EAA 430


We are looking forward to more fun day trips in 2021!

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Check back for more details on upcoming 2021 flyouts as they come available.


March 17 Fly Out to Forks:

This flyout was so much fun! The flyout to Forks saw the arrival of nine airplanes with 19 smiling restaurant patrons. They were (in no particular order) Bill and Dot Shepard (in Bill’s Super Aero), Ken and Skip Brown in their RV-9), Ernie Hansen and Joan (in Ernie’s Smith Cub), Richard and Mary Ann Howell (in their Cherokee), Andy Sallee, Emily Westcot and Crystal Stout (in Emily’s C-172), Dave Woodcock (on floats, sometimes – Husky), Harry Cook (in his PA-22), Brendon Carmody and friend (in Brendon’s Cherokee), Bud Davies (in his C-150), Jay Pearlman (in his RV-6A) and Tracy and me in Saffire. Although this was not an official EAA event, most of the participants were EAA Chapter 430 members.



April 14 Flyout to Whidbey:

The flyout  saw a bunch of us enjoying the outside eating area at Whidbey Air Park’s Mukilteo Coffee Roasters. It was a beautiful day with what turned out to be very little wind, although the approach from the south had its common bunch and wiggles. Attendees included Ray Ballantyne and his son Dan from Colorado in Dan’s Glasaire Sportsman, Dave and Joan Miller (RV-14), Dave Gardner (Stinson), Harry Cook (Piper Pacer), Jay Pearlman (RV-6A), Bud Davies (C-152), and Tracy and me in the PA-11. Seven aircraft, ten people.



Assuming the spring flowers bloom and the weather holds, next month’s flyout will include a flight over the Skagit Valley’s tulips and lunch in Friday Harbor. More on that later!

Check back on this page for more upcoming flyouts in 2021.


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