Tool Crib

  TOOL CRIB       

Contact Rick Stoffel to borrow tools:


Rivet set tool ATS deep set

Volt meters (2) old style

Brake rivet tool

Digital optical tach

Magnetic tool Multi-mite

Aircraft fabric iron (new) Black Barron

Piston ring compressor set KD tools # 850

Heat gun Coleman cold heat

DC power supply 7 Amp Trippe Mfg Co. precision

Drop light with extension cord

Metal stretcher

AC spark plug tester and gapper

Gas generator AC & DC 400W Northern Light SG500

 Drill motor old cord type

Metal brake Pro Former 36”

Tool box Store House with 2 upper chests

Digital Aircraft Scales (three points)

Miti-Mite magnetic tool                                                  



Vertical Speed Indicator, old type

Magnetic compass, Airpath (2)

Turn & Bank D.C. Electric, Electro Gyro Corp.

Accelerometer Falcon Gauge CO.

Oil Pressure Sender plus harness

Narco Nav-12

Narco Escort 110 Nav/Com

Narco Comm 111B TSO (base unit setup)

Attitude Indicator Narco 101

Attitude gyro electric Falco Gauge

Oil Temp Sender new K35 Westach

Carb Temp Sender new K30 Westach

VSI Navy Lackner Company, 68 Bellanca

Tachometer Mitchell

Auto Pilot Type 3A Jahco

Continental Cylinder used 

Alternators (2)

Vacuum Pump used Airborne Model 211CC

Magnetos used Bendix (4)

Oxygen Bottles (3) and (1) new

ADF, Omnigator MK III

KB Electronics KBHN-13BV



Aluminum Stock, flat, tubing, extruded

Wall clock Young Eagles

Life Vests (2)                                                                                                      

Refrigerator compact, Ward

Prop Guard Aerospace

Box of Fiberglass

Ammo Can



Hardware Bins and Boxes with misc. A/C hardware

Small DC motors

Small Bearings 

A/C Switches and other components

Strobe Beacon 14V light bulbs (2)

Aircraft Actuators & Servos electric and hydraulic