EAA Chapter 430 Scholarship Program


EAA Chapter has granted academic scholarships to students since 2013.  The scholarships have all gone to college students but we would also support a student studying for an A&P certificate. 

Our primary criterion for selection is a belief that the student will continue to support aviation as an adult.  Depending upon funds available we have supported between one to three students in any given academic year.

We don’t have a formal application process.  Chapter members are free to nominate a candidate but candidates typically become apparent because of demonstrated aviation interest in the local community.  A prime source of candidates have come from the youth program at the Port Townsend Aero Museum where a demonstrated commitments to aviation has been demonstrated over a period of years.


Recipients to date include:

Michael Hubbard

Laura Jimmy

Lucas Delong

Seth Mulhausen

Jake Kirshbaum

Daniel Weaver

Madeline Patterson

Noah Kaser

Harry Brown


For 2024 the Chapter was approved to sponsor a Ray Foundation scholarship administered by EAA Headquarters. The scholarship provides up to $11,000 for flight training for a private pilot certificate.  We have nominated a selectee and are awaiting EAA Headquarters approval for a grant (March 2024)


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